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Site RulesUser Agreement
I intend to keep the rules here quite simple, emphasizing personal responsibility over moderator intervention, but I will be as energetic as necessary in enforcing them:

Be civil.
  • In general, think twice about what you say and how you're saying it. Try to put yourself in the reader/recipient's shoes. If you think there's a fair chance that a reasonable person would find something offensive, please don't say it. Likewise, if you see something that upsets you, please take a deep breath and step away for a moment before you respond. Every human being is entitled to their own opinions, right or wrong. Please respect that in conversation.

Avoid illegal behavior, such as posting content involving pedophilia, using hate speech or encouraging/enabling copyright violations.
  • Let's not risk the site over illegalities. The site is hosted in California, USA, thus is subject to all laws in that jurisdiction. I will not tolerate anything that involves or suggests pedophilia or hate speech. Posting that sort of material here will result in immediate repercussions up to and including a permanent ban. Please do not discuss any means of violating intellectual property rights, and definitely do not share any files that include copyrighted material through the site. Avatars are provided exclusively for the use of site members while on the site. I will remove any image hosted through the site upon request of the artist/model/photographer and will expect any site member to remove a link to any such image equally promptly. Most reasonably thoughtful people will be aware of whether something is likely to be illegal. It doesn't matter if you agree with the law involved or not, please abide by it.

Don't be creepy. Stalking, harassing or other behavior that leaves another member uncomfortable will not be tolerated.
  • In all honesty, this is a sub-category of 'Be Civil' above, but it's worth stating on its own. I would prefer everyone think about what they do and say beforehand, but it's not always possible to predict a response accurately: everyone has different comfort zones and triggers. Respect that. If you're uncomfortable, it's best to say 'no' or 'stop that' when someone crosses the line. If a site member asks you to stop, do so immediately. If you cannot resolve a situation, contact site management. Intervention will always begin with an effort to resolve the situation amicably, but may move into disciplinary actions up to and including a permanent site ban. Clearly, this counts among site members/players. Characters, on the other hand, hopefully will experience conflict. The challenge is keeping the conflict only in the stories/roleplays, but that is precisely what is expected here. A key aspect of maturity rests on the ability to distinguish fiction from reality.

Flag threads appropriately for the content and for who is permitted to post.
  • Because there are very few limits on the content allowed on this site, use the description line below the subject line to give potential readers warning of what they might encounter. If content changes as the story/roleplay progresses, update the description. This is also where you should make note of whether a single-thread roleplay is open for any site member to post or closed to specific members by starting the description line with '[OPEN]' for games where anyone can join in and the site member names (e.g., [NightBird & snapdad]) for a closed game. For multi-thread games, the open or closed status should be part of the board description. It doesn't hurt to include something about the genre, as well, but that's not required, nor is the tagging system that makes a given thread/topic accessible via the Tagsearch button.

Read what you like, avoid what you don't, and respect tastes that differ from your own.
  • Use those content descriptions or the Tagsearch button to help you decide what you'd like to read of what other site members have written. Before you read a new thread, look at the description line to see what content is present in the thread. If it sounds like it probably would make you uncomfortable, go read something else -- if you're not sure, start reading, and then become uncomfortable, just stop there and, again, go read something else. Don't turn it into a personal issue with the author(s). If a roleplay/story contains material of questionable legality or has an inadequate description, however, please bring that to the attention of site management.

If it sounds as if a lot of this emphasizes things that are, essentially, common sense, that's a very accurate assessment. The rules are an effort to put a common sense approach to human interaction into words.

Questions about the rules should be sent to any of the Site Staff via PM.
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