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Getting StartedCustom Features on WE&T
However it is you heard of World Enough and Time, welcome.

If you're a Guest, someone who has not registered at all, you'll notice that there is very little that's visible. World Enough and Time is an adult site, thus full access is limited to site members who have gone through the approval process. Privacy is important here, thus even the conversational boards are hidden from public view.

The first thing to do is to read The Rules. They're also listed in the registration agreement, but this post goes into a bit more by way of explanation.

Next, if you'd like to join and you are 21 or older, you'll need to register.

If for some reason, when you try to register, you are informed that you've been banned, and you know that is not the case, please email us via Admin at this domain to resolve a broader-than necessary ban. We've had multiple spammers lately, and thus have some blanket bans in effect.

Also, I've recently been informed of one situation where the activation email did not go through to a gmail account despite repeated attempts, nor did it show up in that person's gmail spam folder. If you have tried more than three times and do not receive the activation email, please email Admin at this site domain from the email account you listed in the registration process. I will manually complete the activation for anyone having that difficulty, which will ensure that no one is left out in the cold. In normal circumstances, it may take me up to a day to see and handle the email, longer only if I would happening to be traveling or some such at the time a request would be sent.

When you've registered, you'll be able to see one more board, the one for introductions. The Instructions thread describes what should be included. Please read the information carefully and follow the instructions fully. There may well be some conversation following the introduction, but someone from staff will post to let you know whether the introduction was approved or denied. Please allow 24 hours for us to review an introduction.

Derailings are frequent and playful in all the conversational threads, including the introductions. 'Playful' should probably be somewhere in the site motto along with some mention of 'stream-of-consciousness' writing practices.

Once you've been approved as a full member of the site, you'll be able to see the entire forum.


Entry into World Enough and Time will always be a selective process based on the following two primary criteria:
  • Maturity will be considered first and foremost. A good introduction will show you as a reasonable human being and raise no warning flags for any of the site rules. Demonstrating a sense of humor will always be a plus.
  • Writing skill is part of the requirements, but not so much that everyone be sterling experts. All I'm looking for is that you have a working knowledge of English, basically that you can string a sentence together so that most people can follow it, with punctuation and capitalization roughly where it belongs, paragraphs that work decently and a functional grasp of grammatical rules. So-called 'leet-speak' or other chat/text shorthand is not acceptable here, but the odd tense shift or typo is no big deal. A writing sample that involves some characterization, setting, and so forth, is fantastic, but it doesn't have to be award-winning prose.

If you'd be so kind, please start a new topic on the introductions board and let us know a bit about you:
  • How did you hear about the site?
  • What sort of roleplay and/or writing have you done before?
  • Are there any games, genres, authors or game/fiction universes that you particularly do or don't like?
  • Are there any types of adult content that you do or don't like?

It will speed up the approval process if you could copy and paste a paragraph or two of your writing into your post or provide a link to something of yours that is publicly accessible on the internet.

Please also clearly confirm the following:
  • You are over 21 years old, and it is legal in your area for you to view adult content.
  • You have read and understand the site rules.

Using the description line (a blank field below the Subject field when creating a new topic) is acceptable but not required. Please do not use the Tags field below the Subject field. The tagging system makes a given thread/topic accessible via the Tagsearch button, and is intended to provide a method of searching by content type.


Once you're approved, it would be a good thing to post some information about your likes, dislikes and interests in the Rogue's Gallery and to take a look at the The Trans-Dimensional, Omniversal, Multi-Temporal Public House & Notions Emporium, one of the multi-thread games where any site member can join right in.

The Creations button takes you to an area where you can post fiction, poetry or art, and other members can then rate and comment on the post. The ZC Blog button takes you to a newly-added blogging community where all members can create up to three blogs and comment on everyone else's.

Finding roleplays to enter can be accomplished in several ways. You can post to the appropriate Seeking thread with an idea you'd like to pursue, or read through what's already there to see what other members are actively looking to write. You could also read over the Rogues Gallery and send a Private Message (PM) to someone who intrigues you. Often, joining in on conversation threads leads to a connection or an idea that will gel. You might even find that a character you casually introduced in the TDOMTPHNE sparks ideas.

To start a single-thread roleplay (where the story will take place in a single, continuous block of posts), any full member can click the 'New Topic' button in All Single Thread Stories and get something started. The Subject line should be the title of your story, and the untitled field immediately below it should contain '[OPEN]' if the thread is open to any site member who'd like to join in, or the site-names of the members writing the story (e.g., [NightBird and snapdad]). Following that, indicate with tags from the standardized list what sort of content is in the thread and keep it updated as the roleplay advances. It's helpful to others to include a genre tag, but that's not required. If you wish, you can duplicate the content and genre tags in the 'Tags' field, which will make your thread accessible via the TagSearch button. For more information on the tagging system, click here.

Note: The tagging system for the TagSearch function is supposed to provide an 'Add Tags' text link at the bottom of the screen when viewing posts in the topic. Currently, this is not working, so if you wish to add tags after a topic is created, you'll need to send a PM to me, and I'll be happy to do the update for you. I have a support request in, and I know the mod developer is aware of the problem, so it's just a matter of when he'll have a chance to figure out the problem and send code. I'll let everyone know when it is operating normally again.

Starting a multi-thread roleplay is a bit more complicated. One of the staff will have to create the board, which will only happen after there is reason to believe that there is enough interest in the idea to get it off the ground, such as from a Multi-Thread Seeking advertisement with a lot of responses. So, it's likely a good idea to start with Seeking first, but if you come up with something while chatting or via PM with other site members, let me know. Whether it is open or restricted to certain members can be part of the board description (seen under the board title).

Also, be sure to review all the settings on all pages of your Profile. That's where you can set up notifications, and where you'll have to change a setting in order to have Private Messages default to saving a copy of sent messages. To take care of the PM save sent by default, go to your Profile, click "Personal Message Options" in the left menu, click to check the box for "Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default," then click the "Change Settings" button to save the change.

The 'Help' button offers generic help for the use of SMF (Simple Machines Forum), but does not offer any details about site rules or guidelines or any mods that have been loaded.

Questions, suggestions or thoughts from site members should be directed to any member of the Site Staff either in the Conversation board or via PM. Questions from guests should go to Admin via email at the site domain.
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